Our Application Process

Requests for funding must be acknowledged in our Application. Please read the following information in order to complete the application successfully:

1. Identification

Hamilton Athletic Trust Name of the team, club, or organization, as well as the name(s) of the league, or the parent affiliation of the organization.

2. Profile

The number of athletes involved, their ages, the average level of performance and other profile information that might be relevant to the event or athletes involved.

3. Operating Budget

Full disclosure of the preceding year’s operating income/expenses along with a budgetary estimate of the upcoming year.

4. Specific Request

In determining the amount of the grant to be issued it is often helpful to the Trustees to know the specifics of what the grant is intended to be used for and its estimated cost(s).

5. Team Official

The Official of the team must provide his/her address, phone and email address.

How to Apply

Two methods are available for your convenience, by Mail or Online.

Other Matters

  • Response – grantees will be notified by mail whether or not their request has been approved. If approved, a cheque will be forwarded directly to the official signatory for proper dispersal.

  • Interested organizations should be aware that the Trusteeship meets two times a year to consider grant applications (May and November). Organizations are advised to forward Applications at least two seasons before the onset of their active season.

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