Guidelines for Granting Funds

The following guidelines will be taken into consideration in order to qualify for a grant:

1. Jurisdiction

Hamilton Athletic Trust Trustees have interpreted the “community of Hamilton” to include athletic-based groups anywhere within the City of Hamilton as being eligible to apply. Outside and neighboring organizations may apply if they can demonstrate an operating presence through their membership or service-affiliation that invites and/or includes City of Hamilton residents/participants.

2. Self-supporting

Organizations that are “self-supporting” will be given greater consideration for funding than those organizations that receive public funding, as is the case with school-sports or provincial/nationally sponsored sports teams /athletes. Where sponsored funding coming from the above stated public and/or private sources becomes scarce or highly restrictive, the Trustees, in their discretion, may find cause to make exceptions.

3. Competitively Based

Grants are meant to apply for the most part to teams and organizations that are more directly involved in organized competitive events and/or leagues. This criterion rules out related activities such as health/fitness programs, dance, recreational/outdoor pursuits, unless connected to a competitive end or event. Considerable weight to the grant application is added if an organization runs a “Club – style” program involving; in-house league play, sport learning/instruction, and opportunities for advanced competition.

4. Affiliation

Unattached grant requests from individuals or groups will not be considered. To be official, grant applications must be signed and supported by a supervising official of a registered team, club, organization, or affiliate. Grants in Aid.


While most grants are advanced to participating teams or their affiliate, the Trustees recognize the importance of also aiding volunteer Organizing Committees that do the important work of attracting, promoting and organizing Special Athletic Events such as the Children’s International Games, or maintaining ongoing traditional events like the CANUSA Games. Normally, such a grant would be considered and applied to help defray a specific budgetary “line item” such as Communications, Volunteer Services, or Delegate Travel.

NOTE: Grant Submission deadline dates are April 30th and October 31st.

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